Pick your set amount of activities OR... choose our perfect hero picked games for your package (we pick for you)

  • Tattoos 

  • Hair Chalk

  • Superhero Quiz

  • Limbo

  • Pin the spider/bat on Spider-Man/Batman

  • Superhero tag

  • Jousting (pool noodles)

  • Musical chairs

  • Superhero superhero villian (version of duck duck goose)

  • Sneak up on...

  • Pass the parcel $20
  • Pinata $25

  • Candy floss $5 per guest

  • Treasure hunt $15 
    90min+ Altered for any age

  • Chocolate game $10
    90min+  7years+ suggested

  • Donut game $35
    90min + /7 years+ suggested

Extra cost games

(unless supplied)

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